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As an investor, you always wish to associate with partners who can provide you with operational expertise and ingenious analytical solutions for your unique capital needs. At Shamin Capital, we strive hard to rise above the core capital needs and endow our investment partners with value-added services.

Shamin Capital offers mezzanine capital, first mortgages, sale-leaseback transactions and specially designed capital solutions across all segments. A dedicated core team of experienced professionals and a working culture that fosters a consistent & disciplined approach to investing make sure that our investor partners never have to look at other avenues to enhance the value of their investments.

A glowing testimony to our unfaltering commitment and unflinching adherence to quality are the 30+ companies that we have developed, financed and operated over a 25-year time span.


Principals are a team of self-motivated individuals who are the real driving force at this organization. From developing a detailed risk/return analysis for your investment to formulating a performance oriented strategy towards higher compensation, the Principals make sure that every decision taken aids the final objective - bringing value-added benefits to our partners.

The Principals, drawing on precious experience of managing and developing growth companies, work with the senior management teams of each portfolio company to ensure enhanced value for the investors by facilitating strategic guidance, corporate governance best practices, network of executives and recruiters, client and partner introductions and relationships and ultimately building companies that are leaders in their fields.


Management Team

The management team at Shamin Capital comprises of financial experts who totally understand the value of your investments and leave no stone unturned to ensure that the investments grow at a steady and healthy pace. Backed by the power of knowledge and aided by a unique working culture, our management team is well qualified and well equipped to manage and develop your investment and in turn your business.
Shamin Capital has a broad network of partners which include commercial banks, investment banks, mortgage brokers, and entrepreneurs. Our network enables us to match investors and entrepreneurs with one another in order to create additional value for all parties.

Code of Ethics


Apart from a staunch commitment to operating dedicated pools of capital with specific market and investment objectives, the other code of ethics at Shamin Capital include frequent and open communication with portfolio companies and limited partners, dedicated investment professionals skilled in financial analysis and operations, shared relationships, resources and networks across all funds. The code of ethics provides our investment partners and us with a rock-solid foundation on which to build up their success stories.

Why Shamin Capital  
The Principals of Shamin Capital, with over 50 years of combined financing and investing experience, comprise the Investment Committee, allowing entrepreneurs to deal directly with the decision makers. Shamin Capital regards each investment as a long-term relationship and strive hard to ensure that it is mutually beneficial.
Lending Practices  

Fair, ethical and responsible service is the guiding philosophy behind all business practices at Shamin Capital.

Commercial Lending and Investing
Shamin Capital has the ideal product for any financial requirement that you may have. Possible products could include seed capital for a new venture or bridge financing for an acquisition. Shamin Capital capitalizes in its own fund which allows it to invest in any opportunity.
Residential Financing
Visit Shamin Capital today and allow our experts to help you decide on a Housing Finance plan that suits your needs best.
  First Mortgage
Mezzanine /
Bridge Financing

Equity Participations
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