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First Mortgage

First Mortgage is a real estate mortgage that has priority over all other mortgages on a specified piece of real estate. In the event of First Mortgage, Shamin Capital conducts the due diligence on the borrower and subsequently originates the loan. Shamin Capital may choose to sell a first mortgage piece to an affiliate financial institution. Shamin Capital will hold the mezzanine piece and maintain the relationship with the borrower.


Mezzanine / Bridge Financing
A bridge loan is a short-term loan which “bridges” the Borrower’s plan from ‘need A’ to ‘need B’. In this case, the Borrower might need financing only for a very short time frame; hence long-term fixed rate loan is not the solution. A mezzanine loan can be a type of bridge loan in the sense that it is short-term and not permanent financing. However, a mezzanine loan is not secured by property, but by an ownership interest in the company that owns the property. This occurs when the Borrower needs more money than he is able to borrow against the property, so he puts up an interest in his company as collateral. At typical 75% - 95% LTC, we are able to offer the necessary capital that allows our clients to achieve their business objectives.
Equity Participations  
A mortgage transaction in which the lender, in addition to receiving a fixed rate of interest on the loan acquires an interest in the borrower’s real property, and shares in the profits derived from the real property.  
  First Mortgage
Mezzanine /
Bridge Financing

Equity Participations
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