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Benefits of Investing in Shamin Capital

Shamin Capital has always based its return on investment expectations on the knowledge and information accrued from our vast experience in the investment finance industry. This knowledge, coupled with the amount of work put in by our experts, makes sure that every investment decision made is sound and sensible.

At Shamin Capital, an investment committee is responsible for determining the framework of the investment strategy. Quarterly committee meetings are held to make sure that stated risk and reward parameters are meticulously followed.
The principals at Shamin Capital have an experience of 25 successful years of investing in real estate and operating companies. Having experienced the business cycles firsthand, the Principals have a thorough understanding of our investment philosophy, and the investment expectations that come with it, and this keeps them fully focused on securing investments that comply with these guiding principles. The thoughtfully cultivated investment philosophy at Shamin Capital has provided consistent returns by often participating in opportunistic situations that others may avoid.
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Shamin Capital is on the lookout for potential investment partners for all its future funds. If you would like to know more about investment opportunities with us, please contact Mr.Neil Amin at neil@shaminhotels.com for further details.  
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